aircraft flare

fogo pirotécnico de aeronave

English-Portuguese dictionary of military terminology. 2014.

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  • flare — i. A maneuver carried out just before touchdown to reduce the rate of descent, so that the aircraft settles on the runway smoothly and with the least amount of vertical speed. Normally referred to as flare out. ii. A magnesium candle supported by …   Aviation dictionary

  • flare — v. & n. v. 1 intr. & tr. widen or cause to widen gradually towards the top or bottom (flared trousers). 2 intr. & tr. burn or cause to burn suddenly with a bright unsteady flame. 3 intr. burst into anger; burst forth. n. 1 a a dazzling irregular… …   Useful english dictionary

  • flare — The change in the flight path of an aircraft so as to reduce the rate of descent for touchdown …   Military dictionary

  • flare-out — A flight maneuver in which the nose of the aircraft is moved up just before touchdown to reduce the rate of descent to approximately zero at touchdown …   Aviation dictionary

  • flare path — noun (C) a path for aircraft to land on that is lit with special lights …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • flare path — /ˈflɛə paθ/ (say flair pahth) noun an illuminated runway at an airport to enable aircraft to land or take off when normal visibility is inadequate …   Australian English dictionary

  • Trainer (aircraft) — Trainer Slingsby T 67 Firefly of the UK Defence Elementary Flying Training School, used for training Army and Navy pilots A trainer is a class of aircraft designed specifically to facilitate in flight training of pilots and aircrews. The use of a …   Wikipedia

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